Today we release Streams for everyone.

Streams are asynchronous event pipelines that give your code increased limits and the ability to recover from any error. Code becomes:

  • Durable – each execution is stored as an event. This means the
    event can be copied to another org for debugging, or replayed later.
  • Collaborative – streaming services are displayed as Apex for devs,
    or visually for admins. Everyone can understand the solution.
  • Consistent – logic runs as Automated Process and not under the limited
    context of the triggering user. Services interact by passing events.


Install: /packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t6F000001ZILh

Video example: deactivating idle users

Screenshot: Streaming Monitor

Screenshot: Streaming Services

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Last modified: 2nd September 2019


David Cheng 

Looking at your documentation page
If I use standard workflow to create a Task that will create a streaming event, do you set the task’s Status to Open or Closed?

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